Mel's Customised Candles

Perfectly Imperfect


We custom create candles to customers requirements. $30 AUD or Qoin equivalent .
Currently we have a Layby/Layaway offer for Christmas 2022, $5 per week or Qoin equivalent.
Free Coffee Mug to each winner who fully pays and orders
Candles make perfect gifts.
No orders required until late September 2022
If you save $160, you will be eligible for 8 candles.
1 each of the below and you can choose the other 3.
The below combinations include Red & Green Colours FREE.
Candle 1:
Scents: Sex On The Beach & Vanilla Caramel
Colours: Purple & Golden Honey.
Candle 2:
Scents: Vanilla, Patchouli & Sandalwood.
Colours: Yellow & Eucalyptus/Bayberry.
Candle 3:
Scents: Green Tea & Lemongrass
Colours: Blue & Black
Candle 4:
Scents: Fresh Coffee & Mint
Colours: Red & Burnt Orange.
Candle 5:
Scents: Cola & Lime
Colours: Green & Mustard.
Candle Holder Colours:
Translucent, Red, Pink. Others to be announced in due course.
As funds are raised, I will buy the materials and equipment, and make candles throughout the year.
I have found a candle which burns for 40+ hours, cost is an additional $20 per candle, if you so choose, or if you have enough credit in September, cost will be included.

You can have a mix of candles.
Please send us an email if interested, please ensure you include Christmas 2022 offer in the email.
mailto:[email protected]

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Victoria, Australia

Additional Information About Our Business

G'day from Melbourne, Australia.
Currently in Start-Up phase.
Seeking Everyday Humans to become Members, $100 AUD once off Joining Fee.
Fees will be used to Bulk Purchase Raw Materials, savings passed onto Members.
Goal will be to Employ Unskilled Humans & Train them in Transferrable Skills so they can move onto a more suitable rewarding career.
We envisage Employing Humans suffering from Illness &/Disease, who need a chance.
Each Team Member will wear PPE, & we will observe COVID-safe procedures long after they have been discontinued .
Please check out the website.