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Amber Averay is an author based in SA and has released The Enchantment Series (Book 1-2) and a Novella. The much anticipated Enchantment Series (Book 3) is availble for pre-order.

*** Enchantment's Deception (The Enchantment Series - Book 1) *** $25

Above a planet called Bartral, two alien races battle; but unbeknown to them, a witch on Zircondia watches and listens. This witch is Sigrid, a notorious troublemaker by reputation. Sigrid has long heard old stories regarding her fellow witches vanishing, never to be seen again; She decides to look deeper and finds that not all is as it should be; witches are still disappearing. In trying to protect her two older siblings from the repercussions of shattered rules she will break in her pursuit of the truth, something unforeseen happens that could bring down the wrath of the Stone Head Elders and keep the three close siblings apart forever...

*** Enchantment's Evolution (The Enchantment Series - Book 2) *** $25

Punished for defying the rules and angering the Elders, Sigrid's powers have been limited, her adventurous spirit shackled to a single planet. Yet never one to admit defeat, she has kept herself busy eliminating other creatures trapped on this world with a dispassion that unnerves even the likes of them. Yet unforeseen changes are always just around the corner, and Sigrid ends up in a situation she can barely control - while dealing with creatures she doesn't like, a family she doesn't really know, and emotions she doesn't want to acknowledge or understand.

*** Fate's Enchantment: A Novella *** $10

Planning a wedding is always a stressful event - but what happens when one half of the bridal couple is a witch, the other a mortal?

Two very different worlds collide with the presentation of a diamond-and-emerald engagement ring, and even before the Big Day arrives there are labyrinths of mortal propriety to navigate. Zircondian tradition must somehow be incorporated into the celebrations, and an ignorance on both sides to be overcome.

On top of all this, one particular witch is set up against the greatest foe ever faced: the future mother-in-law...

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