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Pest Inspections...
Ensure There Are No Unwanted Guests!

A pest inspection is a good way to ensure there are no unwanted guests living in your new home.
Damage from pests can be just as critical the structural integrity of your potential new property and can also have a huge affect on it’s value.

One Stop Inspections use the latest in thermal imaging technology to assist us in locating any termite activity inside of walls. When we know, you will know.

Pool Safety...
Identify And Highlight Any Problems!

Our initial inspection will identify and highlight any problems or defects, giving you ample opportunity to rectify any issues prior to purchasing or selling (or tenanting) the property. Where no defects are found during the initial inspection and the pool passes, your Compliance Certificate will be issues and a re-inspection will not be required.

A Re-Inspection is required when problems are identified during the initial inspection. After remedial action is taken it is required to be re-inspected to ensure that the pool passes all safety requirements, before issuing the owner with a Compliance Certificate.

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