Setup, Management, Optimisation, Reporting and Consulting to support your Business Growth with Profits that stick, harnessing the power of Advertising on Google to benefit you and your business.

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Additional Information About Our Business

Business – Custom Solutions
Ideal for business growth for profits that stick, can be family law firms, electrical, plumbing and other contractors, pest control, pool builders, air conditioning, health clinics and others.
Our Small Business service is a complete Google Ads package, promoting your business including all you need to have your business visible to your audience on Google.

It makes you visible to the right people at the right time in the right place for what you have to offer, encouraging new customers to visit your website and contact you.

Set up fee includes...
Establish campaign objectives
Determine most appropriate media
Determine structure
Determine categories
Writing Ads
Set up split testing of ads
Site extension assembly
Create conversion tags
Analytics integration
Set up geographic & demographic targets
Website analysis and feedback
Remarketing and display advertising as applicable
Ongoing management, maintenance and optimisation:
Weekly monitoring for first month, then monthly
Data analysis and feedback
Optimising and edits
Monthly or fortnightly strategy call
Agreed changes made
Once you come on board, we...

Create a Google Ads account for you in your name, or gain access to your existing account if you have one.
Carry out a complete Keyword Research relative to your product or service our comprehensive process ensures we get the best results for your campaign from the start.
Assemble your Ad Groups. Getting your ad groups right is a pivotal aspect of a successful Google Ads campaign and makes a huge difference to your results.
Write powerful targeted Ads. We write ads using direct response copy that is written for search engine robots and humans - connecting with both is key to ad success.
Split Test. We run tests over different ads to drill down on the most highly converting ads, the ads that speak the right language for the campaign objective.
Assemble your Campaign. We build you a powerful campaign by putting the nuts and bolts of the campaign together precisely before sending it live.
Monitor the Campaign for the first month. We watch your campaign closely for the first 30 days so we can pick up on any discrepancies as soon as they happen, in that way we are able to fine tune the elements, improving your results as we go.
Monitor the Campaign monthly. After your campaign goes live, we monitor, tweak, adapt and hone your campaign to maximise your return on investment.
Report the Campaign Statistics to you on a monthly basis. Campaign statistics show us where we need to dig in, pull back or adjust strategy and targets. Since we are working with you to grow your business we recognise you are interested in understanding these results.
Talk to You. Yes you can actually have a phone call with us monthly or fortnightly to review your campaign, provide feedback and discuss what happens next.
Identify niches you can exploit, tailoring your campaigns to meet your business objectives.
Fees are estimated once we understand the scope and your objectives. Click costs are additional and are billed direct to your account by Google.

Getting in front of buyers wanting what you sell is the simple, yet sophisticated art of doing business.
To discuss call 1300 884 757 or book an appointment: