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Your Referrer Code: JWQOIN
This code is to be placed in the Business Details section (Please refer to Step 4 below)

Let's get you started

Before you begin, please ensure you have downloaded your Qoin Wallet​

STEP 1 – Download the Qoin Wallet App for Android & iOS


To download the Qoin Wallet, follow these simple steps;

1. Go to the Google Play Store
2. In the search bar, type in ‘Qoin Wallet’ & tap ‘Search’ on your keyboard
3. Scroll until you find Qoin Wallet and tap on it
4. Tap ‘Install’ to install the app
5. Once the installation is complete, tap on ‘Open’.


To download the Qoin Wallet, follow these steps;

1. Go to the App Store
2. In the search bar, type in ‘Qoin Wallet’ & tap ‘Search’ on your keyboard
3. Scroll until you find Qoin Wallet & tap on the download icon
4. Once the download is complete, tap ‘Open’ to open the Qoin Wallet.

STEP 2 – Back-up Your Wallet / Record Your 'Seed Phrase' & Store in a Secure Place!

The Qoin Wallet has a 3-Stage secure & back-up process.  It is IMPORTANT to back-up your Wallet and write down your unique 12 word ‘Seed Phrase’ on paper & keep this in a safe & secure place.  Your Agent or Qoin Support can provide you with a ‘Seed Phrase’ Record Sheet for one or multiple Wallets.  The ‘Seed Phrase’ is used if you need to transfer your Wallet to a new device or lose your device.


If you have lost your ‘Seed Phrase’, you lose all access to the Wallet and your Qoins! We are not able to reset or transfer the funds if the Seed Phrase’ is lost.

Using your Qoin Wallet App, follow these simple steps to Back-up Your Wallet
  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  2. In your Qoin Wallet App go to SETTINGS (bottom right corner).
  3. Then choose ‘Backup Wallet’ and read the instructions that follow.
  4. Select ‘Backup My Wallet’ to proceed.
  5. Record the generated ‘unique’ 12 words ‘Seed Phrase’ on paper in the order they appear.
  6. Once you’ve recorded your ‘Seed Phrase’, click on ‘Ok I wrote this down’ to continue.
  7. You will then be directed to the ‘Verify Seed Phrase’ screen.
  8. You will need to select the words in the same order you wrote them down, before you can complete the backup process. Click on each word in order to move them in order to the ‘Seed Phrase box’ on your device’s screen.
  9. Select ‘Verify Seed Phrase’ and then Lock Seed Phrase.  You have now successfully backed up your Wallet.
For 100% Security your Device must have either, Face ID, Thumb Print, Pin Lock or Unlock Pattern

STEP 3 – Merchant Registration

Using your Qoin Wallet App, enter your Merchant Registration details;

1. Enter your Full Name (first name and last name)
2. Enter your Email Address, confirm these email details
3. Enter your Mobile Phone number (must be an Australian mobile device)
4. Create your Username
5. Select a Password/Confirm your Password and click NEXT.

STEP 4 – Merchant Registration - Business Details

Using your Qoin Wallet App, enter your Business Details:

Enter your business details including;
Active ABN
Business Name
Qoin Wallet Address
Annual Business Turnover
Business Address as per Google Maps
Phone Number
You must accept Merchant Directory Terms of Use – Tick box
Referred by: Please type JWQOIN
Select Qoin Agent (Select N/A if no Agent)

If you are joining Qoin as a Merchant to trade your goods and services within Qoin, you must have an ‘active’ ABN number for your business, complete a listing in the Qoin Directory and be willing to receive Qoin as a payment method in your business.

By becoming a Qoin Merchant you will receive a complimentary Q250 in your Wallet on completion of your listing and business details.

Qoin Packages are also available for purchase ranging from $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 (AUD $). Select the package by clicking on PACKAGES.